Communicate like an Expert, Alleviate Pre & Post Shift Anxiety, Build Confidence to Handle the Unexpected (or WTF moments)

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Module 1: Introduction to #NursingWithFinesse

  • Introduction to The Course
  • Discuss your exact needs & Get to Know YOU. Not me get to know you, YOU get to know YOU.
  • Where are you now? Where do you see yourself?
  • First “N” in N.O.V.I.C.E.- Note who you are as a Nurse

Module 2: Do You LOVE what you do?

  • Did you pick the right specialty?
  • How do you know if you chose the right specialty?
  • Should you change your specialty?
  • Revamp your resume to prepare for a more suiting opportunity if necessary.

Module 3: Clear Your Space to Clear Your Mind

  • Active assessment of your environment.
  • How to clear the energy in your space overnight.
  • Explore the connection between your environment and your success

Module 4: Negativity has NO Place Here

  • The “N”- “No” to Negative Beliefs.
  • Our In-House STRATEGY for changing your mindset.
  • Learn the Layout for creating personalized Affirmations to accomplish your nursing goals.

Module 5: Observe, Optimize & Organize

  • The “O”- Optimize your resources.
  • Learn how to use everything around you as a resource to your growth as a nurse.
  • How to Become a resource, EVEN though you are very new, so you can gain more resources!

Module 6: SPEAK UP!

  • The “V”- Finding your voice.
  • Learn how even the most introverted person can find their voice while being the most quiet person in the room.
  • Our layout for using FACTS not FEELINGS.
  • Tools for becoming a Self Advocate so you can become a Patient Advocate.

Module 7: “Hello, It’s ME…” Thanks Adele

  • The “I”- Introduce Yourself
  • The fastest & easiest way to avoid being taken advantage of as a new nurse.
  • Nursing & Networking via Introductions
  • Learn how Networking is important to your Nursing Practice.

Module 8: Communication is Key

  • The “C”- Communicate Effectively
  • Learn our “VVS” to communication
  • How to get them to HEAR YOU. Using the write words so you team can prioritize your input.
  • OUR strategy for quick updates.
  • Nursing School Revamp. SBA(I)R not SBAR.

Module 9: Stop running from the critique.

  • The “E”- Evaluate your progress
  • Our STRATEGY for dealing with ALL forms of criticism
  • How to dominate the conversation by ASKING FIRST.

Module 10: Managing those 12 hours

  • Play by play for mastering your morning
  • How to optimize each patient encounter
  • Clustering your cares is not just for the NICU, learn how this technique can give you more free time in your shift.

Templates & Checklists

Your Instructor

Novice is the New Nurse
Novice is the New Nurse

Course Curriculum

  Week 6: Evaluate your Progress
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Available in days
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